When it comes to travel planning (or trip design), everybody is made of different travel personas, depending on the kind of trip you’re taking.

You might be planning your around-the-world trip, a trip with the family, a business trip to a new destination, participating in a conference or training, being on a project where you take the same trip over and over again.

You might be an expat that coordinates the annual home leave trip and coordinating meeting up with friends and family at home and maybe planning to take a trip together with them.

You might be living the digital nomad lifestyle and want to share best practices in the community or meeting up with friends that come visit and you take a trip together.

You might be talking about taking a weekend trip with a group of friends, for example to go skiing or surfing.

Depending on what kind of trip you’re designing, you might want to share the planning responsibilities between different cotravelers, but you also want to see easily what the status is.

What We Do


Are you traveling in a group and tired of losing track of who is doing what and when – and what the status is?

Complex Routings

Are you not traveling simply from A to B and back? Do you maybe add side-trips at later stages of your planning?

Meeting people en-route

Are you meeting your cotravelers somewhere and want to synchronize your arrival at and departure from your meeting point?

High-Level Destinations

Are your travel plans not on a “City” Level (yet)?

Fixed and Tentative Dates

Do you want maximum flexibility and a low level of commitment for some parts of your trip, but e.g. visiting somebody and need to fix some portions of your trip early?

Get Inspired

Enjoy meeting people and talk about traveling, but losing track of all the tips, do’s and don’ts you got?

Be Inspiring

Want to let others participate in what you liked, disliked or hated?

Customized Tags

So many reasons for travel – business, project, weekend trip with family, week with friends… Put a label on it

Keep friends up to date

Want to collaborate only on parts of your trip? Or do you want to keep your friends up to date only on the joint trip, but your partner for all trips?

List View

List view is the logical place to start adding, modifying and editing your trips and trip details

Map View

Seeing tips and hints that you have received, visualize your trip or parts of your trip as a route on the map, pin locations that you like or regions you want to explore

Gantt View

See your travels as kind of a project – and easily identify where you might run into conflicts when using flexible and fixed dates


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