Another travel planning app? Really? Why?

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So, I quit my job and decided to go travel for a while. As my background is airline, I have many friends in the airline industry, and some are going to join me for parts of my trips and in some places I will meet friends.

Planning a months long trip around the world actually gets very soon very complex, and I could not find a single app or website that allows for my complex and flexible routing demands.

The options so far are only to break trip segments into individual trips – but once I change something, I need to update everything manually. Does not work for me.

Also, having the different means of communication available to me and my friends (messaging, skype, email, slack or similar etc pp) vary widely and it is not really easy to not lose track and thus to not drop the ball.

So – why not trying to start it myself?

And now my question to you: what would be your wishes for such an app to cover your travel planning needs?

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