Planning a ski weekend with friends

So, you talked with friends about doing a ski weekend. For it to be a great weekend, it should have snow. And Covid cases might become a problem when it comes to travel these days.

Imagine collecting ideas and information about ski resorts, hotels (prices), lifts, restaurants, rental chalets in one space and using tentative dates for so long as you haven’t all agreed on dates, locations etc.

Digital Nomads

You have already taken your business on the road and work from where you really want to be right now?

Your life is very digital already, and you have great tips to share – both about things you loved as well you hated.

Travel Design is already part of your life, but it should be as easy and uncomplicated as it can be, because, after all, you have to focus on making money too.

Planning Summer Home Leave

Living the Expat Lifestyle is a cool thing. But it comes with lots of planning and coordinating tasks to not lose touch which family and friends back home.

One recurring theme is the complexity of Home Leave. It includes taking care of your own travel logistics to your home base, and very often also coordinating with friends and family, and all that while they are making travel plans during the summer holidays in parallel.

It is very logical to team up with others and travel together, but planning across families, time zones, and the daily routine is not an easy thing to do.

Yes, there are google docs, google maps, and emails, but is everyone sure they have the most recent status quo?

Imagine a place where you can have those “smaller trips” inside your “home leave trip” so you’ll, and you can collaborate with your friends and family only on the “smaller trip” portion, and the overall trip details stay private…

Complex Trips

So, you want to see and explore, let’s say, Europe. Where do you start with your planning? There are so many great locations, and experiences, and cuisines, and activities…

We collect links and locations, and see what kind of itinerary we will build in the end – and often, while traveling, there will be an impromptu side trip because of tips from others travelers or people we have met.

Travel Design should be easy, flexible… and fun!