More about CoTravel


Travelling with others? And everyone needs to be involved?

Usually there are three types:

  • The Dictator Planner: One person plans the vacation, and the rest goes along – more or less happy and vocal
  • The Democrat Planner: One person plans, but the others can at least weigh in before its too late (votings anyone?)
  • The Collaborative Planners: Everybody can add their suggestions, and then usually tasks will be divided, but everyone wants to be kept in the loop.

Complex travel:

Existing travel planning tools allow you to go from A to B (perhaps via C) and back to A (and A, B and C need to be cities) and don’t work if

  • you are travelling with others, but everyone gets to place A individually, but of course arrivals in A and departures from A should be coordinated
  • you are going on a world trip. Easy case: you want to go from A to B to C to D to E and back to F
    • Oops, now you want to have from D a sidetrip to G….
  • you are in a travel intensive project between multiple locations, and depending on the destination or the meeting topic, you want to share specific portions with others – or even collaborate for your evening program – or, more boring, in picking the hotels close by and sharing the commutes
  • you are going on a world trip and are looking forward to flexibility in planning. But, for certain phases of your trip, friends will come and meet you and travel with you – those portions need to be with fixed dates, whereas the rest is more on a tentative level until you make up your mind
    • and, god beware, if you are keen on flexibility and do not want to define city levels from the start
  • you are a digital nomad and you are not sure where your journey will bring you next, but all the time you meet cool people with tips and hints what to do and what not do do… And do you still have an overview where you have all these different notes?
  • and to keep all of the above under control, viewing options will be the traditional list view, map view and a gantt-like view
  • the social component allows you to keep your trips private (means, also no collaboration), or open your trips to selective individuals, groups of persons or some dos and donts for the whole network.

Of course, the boring stuff is also there:

  • creating trips
  • adding sights, transports, accomodation, (of course also your confirmation numbers), restaurants etc
  • jotting down ideas in the first place and add details later
  • share parts or all of your itinerary with friends